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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. the baltz -- battle for a nation. >> but when our interests and value, at stake we have a responsibility to act. >> the role of the united states in the. >> reporter: hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. defending the decision. tonight president obama tries to reassure americans. nato is taking over but the president is not outlining a
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specific u.s. exit strategy. >> president obama delivered his address to a. >> a coalition has been forged and countless lives have been saved. >> reporter: that's the sole mandate of the un resolution. the president says the u.s. will continue to be involved in that mission. >> the united states will play a supporting role, including intelligence, search and rescue assistance and capabilities to jam communications. >> reporter: but the president says the u.s. won't go the way of the iraq war. he says talks in london tuesday will focus on what type of political effort is need to do
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pressure gadhafi to step down. >> reporter: senators mccain and reed believe gadhafi must go. but must continue to take necessary measures to get gadhafi to leave. the president did not say how long the u.s. would be involved or how much the mission will cost. but he says the transfer of command to nato will reduce america's risk and costs. at the white house,. also in libya tonight, a woman who ran in and said she was raped by gadhafi's troops. the woman's parents say she is being held at gadhafi's compound in libya. two years after he claimed she was killed in a carjacking.
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her body was found along a road in 2009. dna evidence pointed to ryan on this. according to court documents he had half a million dollar life insurance policy on his life. he will be sentenced in june. maryland is facing a $1.6 billion deficit and you could end upcoming up with some of the difference. kelly mcpherson explains, there are plans to increase the price of tolls in maryland. >> reporter: denise, state lawmakers are still doing the math but they can guarantee that by the fall we will be paying more than $2 to go through toll. driving in maryland is getting more expensive and could increase more. the maryland transportation authority says it needs another $70 million each year to improve roads. >> we are looking at potential toll increases that could be in
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effect come this october. >> reporter: as of now there is no clear plan. however the secretary has mentioned a 75-cent increase for every toll in maryland. >> there's no specific timetable at this time, it's all concepts. >> reporter: all tolls could increase or just some of them or rates could go up just during peak travel times. state log leg -- when given the choice between paying more for gas or tolls drivers say. >> it's not good either way. i don't want an increase in either one of those. but i guess i would have -- i would pick tolls. i just can't handle gas going up any more. >> reporter: so between the two of them you think which is worse. >> the gas. it doesn't matter if we're willing or not, you're going to have to either way. that's what it comes down to.
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>> reporter: the increase would impact you whether you are paying through cash or easy pass. there will be a time for public comment in may or june. and there is talk there will be additional increases in the next few years. kelly mcpherson. all right, thank you, kelly. legislators have two weeks to final eyes the budget. police are searching for someone who killed a 17-year- old while sitting in a car. friends and family are sitting -- were shot sunday night in the 3200 block of he elm way avenue. not giving up hope police will continue to search for a missing teenage teenager who disappeared here in baltimore. even with $35,000 in reward money, police have few credible
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clues. felicia was visiting relatives when she disappeared 3 months ago. the radiation is spreading further tonight. workers have found new pools of radioactive water. emergency crews are trying to pump -- some radiation has already made its way into the united states and even into maryland. tells us where and how much. >> reporter: it was 32 years ago today when 3-mile island nuclear plant suffered a partial core melt down and public confidence was shaken. a small group held a vigil to mark the anniversary. they are also claiming concern about the talk -- fukushima
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plant. >> we're talking about exceed willly small amounts of radioactive material and not anything that could cause any concern. >> reporter: confirms that tests of a rain water sample in maryland detected a very small amount of iodine. similar to those found in massachusetts. the epa says those rain level radiations are about 25 times below the level that would be of concern even for the most vulnerable. says any rain water entering the recent -- reservoir, but in an abundance of caution maryland will now increase its radiation testing. says the state will begin testing for radiation once a
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week. at the state health department, derek value corps. and the state health department says our water and food supply is safe. some of little italy's -- are fighting -- the cairo's claiming it -- 390,000 feet of office space will cost $1.6 billion. 6 months living without gravity in the middle of outer space. back on earth to share his out of this world experience. kei jackson with one of rase oh naught's -- astronaut's story. >> it's talking about space that sends this maryland
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astronaut soaring. he's flown in jets, even survived weeks in the wilderness. a multitude of experiences prepared him for one of his biggest missions. nearly 6 months in space. >> basically we launched on december 21st of 2009. landed on june 2nd, 2010. >> reporter: a mission specialist spent 163 days off the planet earth. he grew up in french george's county. a distinguished career in the army led him to become an astronaut. he returned to the area to share his love of space. >> it is so overwhelmingly. >> reporter: he gives his post shuttle outlook.
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>> president obama tells us we're going to go in an asteroid to mars. so it's going to have to take a multiperson crew someplace. >> reporter: colonel says once the shuttle program ends and until there's a new program developed the united states will have to rely on russia for travel. how sick is an elephant's hide. it better be thick enough to protect it from cold air. announcing with their mere presence that the circus is in town. they stopped at the first mariner arena for the circus' 200th appearance. they are going to --
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women versus wal-mart, why a group of employees is taking the discount giant all the way to the supreme court. the basketball team may not be in the big dance but they are still coming out winners. busted gambling and winning on taxpayer time. why the mayor is actually pleased about this, coming up. looks more like winter than early spring. i'll have the complete forecast coming up. complete coverage continues with denise koch, kei jackson and first warning weather with bob ,,
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it is 38 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. a small plane crashes into the water. the war bird was part of the opening ceremonies of the grand prix race. he was rescued along with the passenger. a sailing excursion say their rented sailboat capsized in clear waters. the cause of the accident is not known. say it doesn't look like another boat was involved. a mega store faces a mega
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lawsuit and wal-mart wants to supreme court to put an end to it. will hear arguments tomorrow. the suit contends that woman working for wal-mart are paid less than men and paid less often. it could involve more than a million women and potentially cost wal-mart millions of dollars. the supreme court decision could have far reaching effects toward all class action lawsuits. the brazen theft occurred while the as were facing the orioles. a legally owned ak47 rifle also was taken. city workers apparently gambling on taxpayer times. details about the bust and
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hopes that the mayor. >> reporter: 13 city workers throwing dice and a bottle of champagne. that's what police discovered inside this transportation building on east madison street friday. >> it's not a serious charge but it says a lot about people's trust in the city. >> reporter: following the -- mayor stephanie -- he oversaw the gambling investigation. >> it's important for me to insure the public we are doing the right thing with taxpayer money. >> reporter: taxpayers not only agree, they are outraged. >> that's, as far as i'm concerned, my hard earned money. >> we're not doing the right thing with our money, our taxpayers' money. >> it's unbelievable. very unbelievable. >> reporter: some say the mayor
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should reduce the city work force even further than she already has. >> do we have too many city employees if they have time to be gambling? >> no. we have some city employees that weren't doing what they were supposed to do. it bothers me because we have some that are making so many sacrifices. >> reporter: the 13 workers are facing misdemeanor charges. one of them also faces an assault charge. adam may, wjz. the workers are part of a team that helps set up for parades, festivals and other events. they were rivals, but now tulsa university is benefits from the run for the 4. tall some shares in the money.
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tall some university says the school could receive as much as $100,000. he may be missing but a snake from the bronx zoo has become a star on twitter. the king cobra's account already has thousands of followers. one of his tweets reads, those guys makes my skin crawl. he also makes references to -- believe the snake is somewhere in the house apparently with a laptop. >> we keep calling it a he. it could be a she. >> reporter: you got me. i couldn't tell the difference. >> it's pretty cold. i'm sure he's not going to stay inside very long. let's take a look at temperatures. it's only been in the 40s the last couple of days. 8 is your dewpoint, very dry
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air. humidity only 28%. the barometer now rising 9- inches. also a 28 reported at pax river with no wind. sandy soil, that's really cold stuff. temperatures ranging close to freezing. down by the water. 48 -- the average high this time of year is at 58. the record high in 1945, 87 degrees. can you believe that. and in 1982, 21-degree. so we're only 7 above that this morning. 3 miles per hour winds. dead calm at pax river. the winds will continue tonight. they will get a little stronger tomorrow even though we will have sun. this morning a system passed to
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our south. we're now in some dry air but chilly air. maybe a third one coming this week. several other chances that we will see more precip this week and with some cold air in place, it's possible some could see snow flakes on wednesday morning. i think most of the region will be a little bit of light rain. the latest models have it going pretty far to our south. more chances of rain perhaps on friday and even into saturday. temperatures are not going to go anywhere except in the 40s. that low pressure passing to our south. just a little bit of rain here on thursday. winds will be picking up as high as 29. tonight, clear and cold, 25 to the mid-30s downtown. tomorrow lots of sunshine.
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clouds come in tomorrow night and on wednesday, look for some rain. not a great looking 5 day forecast beginning here on wednesday. denise. thank you, bob. one more warm up game for the orioles but there's also one more injury. mark breaks down the os newsws,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, it's only a week away we're going to have to put some of these players in padding. >> reporter: an otherwise smooth spring gets bumpy just before the start of the season as pitcher is struck on his left arm with a line drive while pitches against minor leaguers today. madis is supposed to pitch
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against tampa bay. britain pitched against the detroit tigers in a game today. he went 6 innings. he has been the bird's best pitcher this spring. luke scott started his spring slowly. boy, has he gotten hot. today two homeruns for luke scott. he drove in 7 runs against detroit. the baltimore bats win the game 14-9. one more exhibition tomorrow, then 3 games in tampa bay starting friday. then monday the os home opener. see the first home game right here on wjz monday at 2:00. one of 8 players cut or reassigned as the roster was trimmed today. manager show walter says he
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expects to see -- on the big team this year. an upset in the women's tourney, toppled by the girls in green, notre dame. she played high school hoops here in baltimore. 3 pointer formalry. and notre dame is going to the big 4 for the first time in 74 years. first time they have ever beat tennessee. finally a boxing press conference gets physical when john pascal on the right taunts challenger, accusing hopkins of using steroids. hopkins goes after pascal. before the last fight they had a similar confrontation. rematch may 21 in montreal. tomorrow on the radio i will be joined by among others lacrosse coach coming off a win.
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a half mile doesn't seem like a long distance unless you're the side of a building. scaled the world's tallest building in did you buy. he -- do and just because he's a show after, he went beyond the force 124 floors. no net, by the way. >> reporter: well, he has any respect. i can't believe it. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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